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Becnel, Andrew C.

Becnel, Andrew C.

Aerospace Engineering
1117 Manufacturing Building


  • Graduate Student Distinguished Service Award Finalist
  • Alexander Brown Leadership Award
  • National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow
  • Tau Beta Phi Senior of the Year
  • National Merit Scholar


  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Member
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Member

Structural dynamics, composite materials, smart materials and structures, structural control using smart fluid devices, human factors in spaceflight, launch and entry vehicle design, additive manufacturing technologies, innovations in STEM education

  • ENAE 423 - Vibration and Aeroelasticity
  • ENAE 483 - Principles of Space Systems Design

Journal Articles

  • Andrew Becnel, Wei Hu, and Norman M. Wereley, Mason Number Analysis of a Magnetorheological Fluid-Based Rotary Energy Absorber, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, in review, Nov. 2014.
  • Andrew Becnel, Wei Hu, and Norman M. Wereley, Measurement of Magnetorheological Fluid Properties at Shear Rates of up to 25,000 s-1, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 48(11), pp. 3525-3528, 2012.

Conference Proceedings

  • Andrew Becnel and Norman M. Wereley, Demonstration of combined shear and squeeze strengthening modes in a Searle-type magnetorheometer, Proc. of the 2013 ASME Conf. on Smart Mat., Adaptive Struct. and Intel. Sys. (SMASIS), Snowbird, UT, 2013
  • Wei Hu, Andrew Becnel, and Norman M. Wereley, Measurement of Magnetorheological Fluid Properties at High Shear Rate with Controlled Temperature, 23rd Int’l Conf. on Adaptive Struc. & Tech., Oct. 2012, Nanjing, China.
  • Andrew Becnel, Wei Hu, and Norman M. Wereley, High Shear Rate Characterization of Magnetorheological Fluids, Proc. SPIE (8341), Active & Passive Smart Structures and Int. Systems, 2012.
  • Andrew Becnel, et al., Magnetorheological Fluid Composites for Crashworthiness Applications, Proc. of 56th SAMPE Conference, Long Beach, CA, 2011.
  • Andrew Becnel, Wei Hu, Gregory Hiemenz, and Norman M. Wereley, Design and Testing of a Magnetorheological Damper to Control Both Vibration and Shock Loads for a Vehicle Crew Seat, presented at the 2010 SPIE Active and Passive Smart Structures and Integrated Systems IV Conference, San Diego, CA, March 7-11, 2010.
  • Becnel, Andrew (Summer 2007). Constellation Satellite Configurations for the Global Precipitation Measurement Program. Poster presented at Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • Becnel, Andrew et al. (Fall 2006). WidgetWorks, an educational board game designed to interest 3rd-6th grade students in science and engineering fields. Developed as an independent study group project, presented at the American Society of Engineering Educators global colloquium in Rio De Janeiro by Eugene Lopez-Oña

UMD RASC-AL Team Wins Big, Akin Recognized with PEACH Award

A team of 19 undergraduate students won first place for the RASC-AL theme category and second place in the overall competition.