Honors Project and Thesis Proposal Form

This form is for Junior Aerospace Engineering Honors Students to complete by the end of their fall semester. The form is required to confirm student honors projects and faculty research advisors.

Request for Non-Majors to Enroll in an Undergrad ENAE Course

This form should be used by non-aerospace engineering majors to request permission to enroll in an aerospace engineering (ENAE) course. Submitting this form does NOT guarantee permission to enroll. Permission may be granted pending the availability of seats in the course, and students will be required to wait until at least the first day of classes before receiving a response.

Non-Clark School of Engineering students requesting permission to register for any ENAE course must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA at the University of Maryland and a grade of C- or better for ALL prerequisite classes or AP credit. If you do not meet these requirements, please do not submit your request at this time.

Petition to include an unlisted class as a Technical Elective

This form should be used by any student who would like permission to take a tech elective that is not currently listed on the approved list of tech electives.

The Senior Technical Elective must be a 300/400 level class, technical in nature, which is taken outside the department. Business, management, etc, classes cannot be used to satisfy this degree requirement; the course must focus on math, engineering, or scientific skills. The technical content of the class should be equivalent to the 300/400 level classes within Aerospace. This generally requires that the class shows evidence of utilizing some combination of at least sophomore level skills from PHYS260/270, MATH241/246/240/461, ENES220/232, or equivalent. Other courses (such as those in CMSC) may also be acceptable if they require logical/technical skills equivalent in rigor to these classes. Courses which require only a Freshman level skill set (i.e. only MATH140/141, PHYS161, ENES100/102, or similar) will generally not be acceptable as a Senior Technical Elective without substantial evidence of more advanced technical content.

Senior Audit Form

Only 1 senior audit is required by the Department of Aerospace Engineering prior to graduation. The audit should be submitted to the department 2 semesters prior to graduating. Please note that the Department of Aerospace Engineering senior audit is separate and in addition to any graduation paperwork required by the Clark School of Engineering or the University of Maryland.

Graduation Forms