Conference Yields Top Awards for Aerospace Undergraduates

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(l to r, front row) Tom Milnes, Baltimore Chapter President; David Gers, UMCP AIAA Student Chapter President; Jason Leggett (UMCP); Robert Roedt (PSU); Lisa Bacon, AIAA Student Conference Coordinator; (back row) PSU Team

Clark School of Engineering students swept the undergraduate category at the 2008 Region I-MA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Student Conference, held at the University of Maryland, College Park on April 11-12.

First Place: Jason Leggett (AE senior) - UMCP, Advisor: Dr. R. Sanner

Second Place: Michael Gentry (AE junior) - UMCP, Advisor: Dr. N. Wereley

Third Place: Sara Fields (AE senior) - UMCP, Advisor: Dr. L. Healy; on the basis of her paper, Sara was invited to give a presentation at the 14th annual AIAA Improving Space Operations Workshop hosted by NOAA.

Results from the Master's category were: 1. Robert Roedts - Penn State; 2. Harihara Golakrishnan – ODU; and 3. Ashwin Belle – VCU. In the Team category, the winners were: 1. Pluto trajectories - Penn State and 2. J-Bird - Penn State

The AIAA Student Conference is a technical paper competition for AIAA student members at the undergraduate and graduate levels from regional campuses. Students are invited to submit technical papers and give formal presentations, which are judged for technical content and clarity of communication. Winners are awarded cash prizes and may advance to the AIAA Foundation International Student Conference, typically held the following January at the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting & Exhibition Center in Reno, NV.

Many thanks to our faculty, staff and our students, especially conference co-chairs Bree McNerney and Nate Niles. The department wants to especially thank Dr. Alison Flatau, whose leadership, advisement and hard work ensured a successful conference.

Published April 13, 2008