MRC Faculty, Researchers, and Students Present 24 Papers at ICRA 2023

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ICRA is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s flagship conference and the premier international forum for robotics researchers to present and discuss their work. This year, the conference was held in person in London from May 29, 2023, to June 2, 2023. "Embracing the Future: Making Robots for Humans" was the conference motto. 

MRC faculty, researchers, and students participated in the conference with a total of 24 papers.

Postdoctoral Associate Nare Karapetyan, Associate Professor Pratap Tokekar, and UMD Distinguished University Professor Dinesh Manocha organized a workshop on Heterogeneity in Multi-Robot Systems: Theory, Practice, and Applications.

Assistant Professor Michael Otte organized a workshop on Communication Challenges in Multi-Robot Systems: Perception, Coordination, and Learning, along with Tierry Simeon, CNRS Research Director, LAAS (CNRS), University of Toulouse, France. 

More information on the conference can be found here.

UMD Papers at ICRA 2023-

1. Dealing with Sparse Rewards in Continuous Control Robotics via Heavy-Tailed Policy Optimization
Souradip Chakraborty, Amrit Singh Bedi, Kasun Weerakoon Mudiyaselage, Prithvi Poddar, Alec Koppel, Pratap Tokekar, and Dinesh Manocha

2. Synthetic-to-Real Domain Adaptation for Action Recognition: A Dataset and Baseline Performances
Arun Reddy, Ketul Shah, William Paul, Rohita Mocharla, Judy Hoffman, Kapil Katyal, Dinesh Manocha, Celso de Melo, and Rama Chellappa

3. RTAW: An Attention Inspired Reinforcement Learning Method for Multi-Robot Task Allocation in Warehouse Environments
Aakriti Agrawal, Amrit Singh Bedi, and Dinesh Manocha 

4. METEOR: A Dense, Heterogeneous, and Unstructured Traffic Dataset with Rare Behaviors
Rohan Chandra, Xijun Wang, Mridul Mahajan, Rahul Kala, Rishitha Palugulla, Chandrababu Naidu, Alok Jain, and Dinesh Manocha

5. AZTR: Aerial Video Action Recognition with Auto Zoom and Temporal Reasoning
Xijun Wang, Ruiqi Qian, Tianrui Guan, Celso de Melso, Stephen Nogar, Aniket Bera, and Dinesh Manocha 

6. DifFAR: Differentiable Frequency-based Disentanglement for Aerial Video Action Recognition
Divya Kothandaraman, Ming C. Lin, and Dinesh Manocha

7. Real-time Decentralized Navigation of Nonholonomic Agents using Shifted Yielding Areas
He Le, Zherong Pan, and Dinesh Manocha

8. Traffic Aware Autonomous Driving with Differentiable Traffic Simulation
Laura Zheng, Sanghyun Son, and Ming C. Lin

9. A Framework for Active Haptic Guidance using Robotic Haptic Proxies
Niall L. Williams, Nicholas Rewkowski, Jiasheng Li, and Ming C. Lin

10. Small-shot Multi-modal Distillation for Vision-based Autonomous Steering
Yu Shen, Luyu Yang, Xijun Wang, and Ming C. Lin

11. Communicating Inferred Goals with Passive Augmented Reality and Active Haptic Feedback
James Mullen, Josh Mosier, Sounak Chakrabarti, Anqi Chen, Tyler White, and Dylan Losey

12. Self-Triggered Coverage Control for Mobile Sensors
Erick J. Rodríguez-Seda, Xiaotian Xu, Josep M. Olm, Arnau Dòria-Cerezo, and Yancy Diaz-Mercado

13. Risk-aware Recharging Rendezvous for a Collaborative Team of UAVs and UGVs
Ahmad Bilal Asghar, Guangyao Shi, Nare Karapetyan, James Humann, Jean Paul Reddinger, James Dotterweich, and Pratap Tokekar

14. D2CoPlan: A Differentiable Decentralized Planner for Multi-Robot Coverage
Vishnu Dutt Sharma, Lifeng Zhou, and Pratap Tokekar

15. Approximation Algorithms for Robot Tours in Random Fields with Guaranteed Estimation Accuracy
Shamak Dutta, Nils Wilde, Pratap Tokekar, and Stephen L. Smith

16. Dealing with Sparse Rewards in Continuous Control Robotics via Heavy-Tailed Policy Optimization
Souradip Chakraborty, Amrit Bedi, Kasun Weerakoon, Kulathun Mudiyanselage, Prithvi Poddar, Alec Koppel, Pratap Tokekar, and Dinesh Manocha

17. Risk-aware Submodular Optimization for Multi-Robot Coordination
Lifeng Zhou and Pratap Tokekar

18. WorldGen: A Large-Scale Generative Simulator
Chahat Deep Singh, Riya Kumari, Cornelia Fermüller, Nitin J. Sanket, and Yiannis Aloimonos

19. TTCDist: Fast Distance Estimation from an Active Monocular Camera Using Time-to-Contact
Levi Burner, Nitin J. Sanket, Cornelia Fermüller, and Yiannis Aloimonos

20. OysterNet: Enhanced Oyster Detection Using Simulation
Xiaomin Lin, Nitin J. Sanket, Nare Karapetyan, and Yiannis Aloimonos

21. Safe Operations of an Aerial Swarm Via a Cobot Human Swarm Interface
Sydrak Abdi and Derek Paley

22. Bidirectional Sampling-Based Motion Planning Without Two-Point Boundary Value Solution
Sharan Nayak and Michael Otte

23. Low-Level Controller in Response to Changes in Quadrotor Dynamics
Jae-Kyung Cho, Chan Kim, Mohamed Khalid M Jaffar, Michael Otte, and Seong-Woo Kim

24. EWareNet: Emotion Aware Pedestrian Intent Prediction and Adaptive Spatial Profile Fusion for Social Robot Navigation
Narayanan, Venkatraman, Sai Sudhakar, Bala Murali Manoghar, Ramasamy Vijayakumar, Rama Prashanth, Aniket Bera



Published June 22, 2023