Policy on Technical Electives

List of Approved Non-ENAE Technical Electives

The Senior Technical Elective must be a 300/400 level class, technical in nature, which is taken outside the department. Business, management, etc, classes cannot be used to satisfy this degree requirement; the course must focus on math, engineering, or scientific skills.

The technical content of the class should be equivalent to the 300/400 level classes within Aerospace. This generally requires that the class shows evidence of utilizing some combination of at least sophomore level skills from PHYS260/270, MATH241/246/240/461, ENES220/232, or equivalent.

Other courses (such as those in CMSC) may also be acceptable if they require logical/technical skills equivalent in rigor to these classes. Courses which require only a Freshman level skill set (i.e. only MATH140/141, PHYS161, ENES100/102, or similar) will generally not be acceptable as a Senior Technical Elective without substantial evidence of more advanced technical content.

Please click on this link to view the List of Approved Tech Electives.  Other classes may be approved by the department on a case-by-case basis.   If you take a class which is not pre-approved on u.achieve, but has been otherwise reviewed and approved by the department, it will be applied to your degree during the Senior Audit process each spring.

Please note the following:

  1. Courses in other departments may require approval from that department before you can register. The Aerospace department cannot grant these permissions. You will need to contact the undergraduate director in the applicable department directly.
  2. Other departments may have enrollment caps on their classes, or limit the number of non-majors who can register, to ensure that their own students are able to complete their degrees. The fact that a course is approved as a Technical Elective by Aerospace does not guarantee that space will be available should you choose to register for it.
  3. The list of approved non-ENAE technical electives is subject to continual review and modification as course content may change over time. The fact that a course may have been accepted in previous years is not a guarantee it is currently accepted. Refer to the list as the authoritative guide to currently acceptable classes before you register.
  4. If a course does not appear on the list of approved non-ENAE technical electives, do not assume that you can take it and have it retroactively approved. Such approval is unlikely to be granted, and you would then need to take another course. It is your responsibility to make sure that you only register for a pre-approved elective.
  5. You may petition that a course be added to the list of acceptable electives. Use the Request for Unlisted Technical Elective form to submit a petition that a course be considered as a Technical Elective. Use the guidelines above when deciding if a course should be considered. Courses which fall outside these guidelines are unlikely to receive approval.
  6. Do not register for an unlisted class unless, or until, you have received written approval from the Undergraduate Director or Assistant Director.
  7. Make sure you complete the Senior Audit, listing your intended Technical Elective, at least a semester before you register for this course.