Guidelines for Double Majors/Degrees

Double Majors/DegreesA student seeking a double major/degree should complete the Double Major/Degree application. The order of obtaining signatures from each department and college should be:

  1. Primary Department
  2. Secondary Department
  3. Secondary College
  4. Primary College


  • A student must be enrolled in the major program from which he/she plans to graduate when registering for the final 15 hours of a 120 credit baccalaureate program
  • Students must file this application no later than one full academic year before their expected date of graduation
  • If two colleges are involved with the application process the student’s primary college will be responsible for the maintenance of records, exceptions to policy, and certification of CORE requirements
  • Final approval of a double major or double degree program must be obtained from each of the appropriate departments and college(s)
  • Effective Spring 2005: All Engineering (ENXX), Basic Sciences and Technical Courses must be completed with a grade of 2.0 or better

University Policies, Guidelines, and Instructions on Double Majors