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Advising is mandatory for registration each semester. Students are initially advised by the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Undergraduate Programs Coordinator.  Students are then transitioned to an assigned faculty advisor. Your advisor can provide academic guidance, career advisement, and additional campus resources.

The Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Programs Coordinator are available in the department to assist you in your academic career. If you have any questions regarding the advising system, please contact aero_undergrad@umd.edu

If you would like to view your assigned faculty advisor, please view the Advising List [pdf] (organized by student UID). If you do not see your UID listed, please contact aero_undergrad@umd.edu.

Advising For Multiple Major Students

Multiple Major students must have their registration cleared by both departments under which they are studying. If you have questions, please contact Aileen Hentz or Robert Sanner.

Undergraduate Advising Resources

Undergraduate Catalog

The Undergraduate Catalog provides information pertaining to undergraduate academic programs, including course descriptions and program requirements, and sets forth the university's academic, registration and graduation policies and regulations.

Advisor List

Spring 2018 Advising List (Organized by Student UID)

All students are assigned a specific registration date (you may view this date on Testudo: Appointment and Registration Status). Students should try to schedule a meeting with their assigned advisor about 2 weeks PRIOR to this assigned registration date. If you are unable to get in touch with your faculty advisor, please contact aero_undergrad@umd.edu.

Be prepared for each meeting with your advisor.  Review your degree progress at u.achieve and bring an updated copy of your 4 year plan, a printed copy of your unofficial transcript, and a list of courses you plan to take the following semester.

Any concerns you are not able to discuss with your advisor, you may discuss with Dr. Robert Sanner (undergraduate program director), or Aileen Hentz (undergraduate program, assistant director).

CORE Requirements and General Education

CORE Requirements

CORE Program requirements went into effect in May of 1990. CORE is the shortened name for the CORE Liberal Arts and Sciences Studies Program at the University of Maryland at College Park. CORE is the set of general education requirements that all undergraduates must complete in addition to their major, department, and college requirements in order to earn their bachelor's degrees. CORE courses will constitute approximately 43-46 credits toward your degree. For most students, many CORE courses may also fulfill other major, departmental, or college requirements.

View specific CORE requirements

PLEASE NOTE: If you were admitted in Fall 2012 or after you have different general education requirements. To learn more, please visit the new General Education Program website.

About General Education

Liberal arts and sciences requirements are frequently referred to as general education requirements. Please keep in mind that CORE is, indeed, a liberal arts and sciences program, designed to acquaint you with a variety of academic disciplines, ideas, ways of thinking about the world, and ways of approaching problems. All first-time college students and most transfer students are under CORE requirements.

CORE goals include learning how to learn and to value lifelong learning. CORE is a set of minimum expectations for breadth beyond your major field. Most students do more than the minimum, both in choosing their courses and in participating in activities, events, and opportunities beyond the classroom. Your growth during your college years and after graduation will reflect your choices.

Visit General Education Program website.

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Permission to Enroll in Engineering Courses

All aerospace students must receive permission to enroll in any required ENES course including:

  • ENES100
  • ENES102
  • ENES220
  • ENES232

After a student has met with his or her assigned advisor, he or she may email aero_undergrad@umd.edu to request permission to register for any of the above ENES courses. 

  • Faculty advisors can issue permission to enroll in ENAE courses  including permission to enroll in aerospace research credits such as ENAE398H and ENAE499.
  • If students want stamps for any courses outside of Aerospace (ENAE) that are not listed above, they should be referred to the department that teaches the course.

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Permission to Enroll in Another Institution

In order for a Clark School Students to enroll in a course at another institution, students must:

  • be in good academic standing (i.e. cumulative GPA of 2.0)
  • meet all prerequisites for the requested course(s)
  • must fill out a Permission to Enroll in Another Institution [pdf] form and receive permission from the Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support Office (1131 Glenn Martin Hall) before enrolling

Students will not be allowed dual enrollment their first semester. They must obtain a GPA first and upon approval may return to the community college without violating the 60 credit rule.

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Transfer Credit

Undergraduates who wish to know if courses will transfer should:

  • Visit the The Transfer Credit Center web site
  • Speak with Registrar if they are missing credit for any outside courses for which they submitted transcripts
  • u.achieve: Transfer credits are listed in blue, lowercase letters and numbers

In order to view transfer course equivalencies for UMCP courses, visit Testudo.

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Request to Take Graduate Courses

Undergraduates who wish to enroll in graduate courses should complete one of the following forms as appropriate:

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Degree Navigator

Degree Navigator is an unofficial guide which helps students and advisors evaluate academic progress towards completion of their degree. Students should check their degree navigator audit each semester, and if they notice a discrepancy, they should contact their faculty advisor. 

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Exceptions to Policy

Reasons to file a Petition for Exception to Policy [pdf] form:

  • Student wants to take more than maximum credits
  • Student wants to late add/drop a course
  • Student wants to take a course more than twice
  • Student wants to exceed repeat credit limit (18)
  • Student wants to withdraw from more than 4 credits in a semester
  • Student wants to register for courses that have time conflicts

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Study Abroad

Undergraduates who wish to study abroad should:

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Senior Audit

Undergraduates must submit the online Senior Audit form (link to online form) when they have fulfilled all of the following criteria:

  • They are 2 semesters away from graduating
  • Student has reached Junior status (earned 90 credits)
  • Student is completing a senior design class in the next academic year

The Department of Aerospace Engineering senior audit is separate and in addition to any graduation paperwork required by the Clark School of Engineering or the University of Maryland.

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Incomplete Contract

The mark of “I” is an exceptional mark that is an instructor option. It is given only to a student whose work in a course has been qualitatively satisfactory, when, because of illness or other circumstances beyond the student’s control, he or she has been unable to complete some small portion of the work in the course. In no case will the mark of “I” be recorded for a student who has not completed the major portion of the work of the course.  Instructors can find this form in UMEG.

  • File an Incomplete Contract (Undergraduates Only)

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Four Year Degree Plan

To download a copy of the Aerospace (ENAE) four-year degree plan template, visit the A. James Clark School of Engineering Four-Year Degree Plan web page.

Four-Year/Semesterly Degree Planning Sheets

  • CORE [xls, pdf] (admitted prior to Fall 2012)
  • Gen. Ed. Track [xls, xlsx, pdf] (admitted Fall 2012 or after)

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Need more information?

For complete descriptions of the various forms and a complete listing of engineering forms, please visit the Clark School Office of Undergraduate Advising Student Forms page.