Film Cooling Research Laboratory

A technology of particular interest in propulsion systems (rockets or air breathing engines) is film cooling. The viability and advancement of this technology depends on understanding the complex heat transfer and mixing processes that occur near walls. As part of NASA CUIP’s initiative, the Film Cooling Research Laboratory has implemented an experimental and numerical approach to improve the understanding of film cooling physics as well as to develop and validate accurate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes to aid in the design of future film cooling systems. The research group has a unique experimental facility, equipped with minimally intrusive diagnostics for experimental characterization of film cooling flows (Particle Image Velocimetry, Infrared thermography, fast-response microthermocouples). Numerically, we work on both in-house high fidelity codes as well as NASA’s LOCI-CHEM. Current research includes experimental, numerical, and analytical characterization of both subsonic and supersonic film cooling flows.

Christopher Cadou

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Arnaud Trouvé

Professor and Chair
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