Dr. Ron Sega from USAF visits

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Dr. Ronald Sega,Undersecretary of the United States Air Force, visits Department of Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Ronald M. Sega, Undersecretary of the United States Air Force, visits the Department of Aerospace Engineering, as a guest of Dr. Mark J. Lewis(Chief Scientist of the Air Force) to hear about the latest developments in research in the department's Space Vehicle Technology Institute (SVTI). The SVTI is jointly funded by NASA and the Air Force to develop enabling technology for NASA's space exploration missions. Dr. Sega was given a brief overview of the program by Dr. Ken Yu, who is the current director of the center. Several graduate students presented the latest findings in their research including, Adam Diesel, Joshua Johnson and Josh Clough. The presentations were received very favorably by Dr. Sega.

Published October 17, 2006