Aerospace Engineering Seminar Series

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
10:00 a.m.
3164 Glenn L. Martin Hall, Aerospace Engineering Conference Room
Christine Hartzell

Aerospace Engineering Seminar Series

From Basic Research to Relevant Vehicle Applications: Dynamic-Aerodynamic Interactions of Bluff Bodies

Speaker: Professor Marilyn Smith
Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Fundamental three-dimensional aerodynamic-dynamic interactions have been investigated for canonical bluff body geometries representative of typical helicopter sling loads, air drops, and crane loads.  A detailed identification and quantification of the unsteady aerodynamic phenomena at differing orientation angles associated with instabilities has been undertaken, and from this a first-principles-based reduced order modeling (ROM) tool has been developed. Differences in physical behavior of two- and three-dimensional quasi-steady and unsteady shapes have been identified. These highly-accurate numerical studies have been utilized to develop wind tunnel tests and mounts that are appropriate for the analyses undertaken. The ROM tool is being evaluated by the Army, industry and academia for applications ranging from pilot training to development of more rapid humanitarian support delivery.

Prof. Smith received her PhD from Georgia Tech while a full time research engineer at Lockheed-Martin, Boeing-Mesa Helicopter, and Georgia Tech Research Institute. She joined the School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech in 1997. She is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, a prior Chair of the AHS Aerodynamics Committee, and the 2014 AHS Annual Forum.  She is a member of the organizing committee for the International Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop.  In addition to publishing over 150 refereed articles, technical reports and papers on CFD and computational aeroelasticity, she is a past winner of a 2007 NASA Group Achievement Award as part of the UH60 Airloads Workshop and the Agusta-Westland International Helicopter Fellowship award in 2012 and 2014.

Audience: Campus  Graduate  Undergraduate  Faculty 


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