AIAA Board 2017-2018


Chris Bernard ('18)

Chris is a senior aerospace student in the space track. He has been a part of the AIAA board since sophomore year, first as Secretary and then as Vice President. He is part of the Nearspace Balloon Payload lab. Outside of school, he is an active member of the UMD Ultimate Frisbee team and a Redskins and Nationals fan.

Vice President

Mohamed Nassif ('18)

Nassif is a senior aerospace student in the air track. He is a member of the Aerospace Honors Program, Nearspace Balloon Payload Lab, Separated and Transient Aerodynamics Lab, Clark School Ambassadors and the RISE Leadership Program. His current research interest lies is in low speed aerodynamics. Outside of class and research, Nassif is a fencer with the UMD Fencing Club, and enjoys reading books, and watching TV shows especially Marvel and DC shows.


Quinn Kupec ('20)

Quinn is a sophomore aerospace student planning to be on the space track starting in junior year. Quinn works in the Nearspace Balloon Payload Lab researching concepts for parashield reentry vehicles. When not studying or working, Quinn enjoys board games, playing golf, and watching cheesy sci-fi movies.


Casey Ohringer ('19)

Casey is a junior aerospace student at Maryland, interested in aircraft structures and propulsion. In addition to being an AIAA member, he enjoys Maryland athletics, Capitals hockey, and playing the guitar.


Class Liaisons: Class of 2018

      Ji Chang               Bianca Foltan

Class Liaisons: Class of 2019

       Sky Onimus               Sarah Schwenger

Class Liaisons: Class of 2020

      Axel Garcia               Christoph Neisess

Class Liaisons: Class of 2021

      Rachel Cueva               Alexandros Tzamaras

Class Liaisons: Graduate

      Anthony DeCicco               Brandyn Phillips