Steps for Registering for your Next Semester Classes


  1. Review your transcript (it can be obtained from Testudo) along with the aerospace engineering Curriculum Sheet [pdf].
  2. Review the Courses page to make sure you are well prepared to enroll in your proposed courses.
  3. Check the schedule of classes on Testudo and select a manageable schedule (no more than 18 credits). VENUS, the Virtual Electronic Network University Scheduler, is the best and quickest way to schedule your courses.
  4. Confirm your registration date and time, make sure you are financially eligible to register, and do not have other types of registration blocks by checking Testudo. Check with the Health Center to make sure you do not have an immunization block (301-314-8184).
  5. Students are responsible for scheduling and completing appointments with their AE advisor every semester prior to your registration date. Students receive an email letting them know how to arrange an appointment with their advisor; most advisors place a sign-up sheet on their office door.
  6. Two Semesters from graduations - remember, you must complete a Senior Audit with your advisor two semesters prior to your planned semester of graduation. This should be approved before you will be allowed to register for either ENAE481 or 483.