Undergraduate Program - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do we teach these professions:

  • Air Traffic Controller?
  • Aircraft Mechanic?
  • Airplane Pilot?

A: In short, no. Aerospace Engineering is the study of systems that move through a medium such as space or the atmosphere but can include such items as automotive and naval applications. Aerospace engineers begin with a mission profile and determine the necessary specifications for a system to perform the mission. They integrate concepts from propulsion, structures, controls, aerodynamics, dynamics into a working vehicle while performing tradeoffs among performance, utility, and cost.  Please visit The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for more information. Individual links for each profession are provided through the FAA link.

Q: What should I take in high school to prepare for a degree in Aerospace?

A: Students interested in pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering should take courses in Chemistry, Physics and high-level math, such as Pre-calculus or Calculus. If you plan on taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams, make sure you are taking the right exam for the courses required for a bachelor’s degree in aerospace at Maryland. AP exam information can be found in the University of Maryland’s Undergraduate Catalog.

Q: How long does it take to complete a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at Maryland?

A: Approximately 80% of our students graduate within four academic years of beginning their degree. The time it takes to complete the coursework depends on many factors including participation in Co-op or internships, the number of courses taken each semester, taking courses in the summer or winter terms, and which courses are taken and if they are applicable to a degree in aerospace. Many of our courses are only offered once per academic year and this must be taken into consideration when planning your schedule of classes each year.

General Engineering College Questions

Q: How many students apply to the Clark School?

A: Applications 4745
Admissions 1794 (37%)
Enrollments 732 (40% of admissions)

Q: How many students are in the Clark School?

A: 5477 total – 3465 undergraduates and 2012 graduates

Q: What is the average SAT?

A: 50% of the students fall in the range of 1320-1450

Q: What is the average high school GPA?

A: 4.25

Q:  What is the percentage of women?

A: 20.7% female in the college, 19.8% of undergraduate and 21.9% of graduate students are female

Q: What is the percentage of minority students?

A: 11% of undergraduates and 8% of graduate students are minority (African-American, American Indian and Hispanic)

*Figures last updated June 12, 2012