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Undergraduate Admission

All students applying to the Department of Aerospace Engineering's Undergraduate Program must meet admission, progress, and retention standards of the Clark School of Engineering, which is a Limited Enrollment Program, or LEP. For guidelines pertaining to admissions, and continued enrollment please visit the Limited Enrollment Program website.

Students who wish to study at the Clark School of Engineering apply for admission to the University of Maryland; there is no separate application for the Clark School or the Department of Aerospace Engineering.  When filling out the application, you may select aerospace engineering as your major of choice. To apply online or to download the application booklet, please visit Undergraduate Admissions. This office will help you get better acquainted with the university and the admissions process.

For more information, select:

Freshman Admission

High school students and students with fewer than 12 semester hours or 18 quarter hours of university-level credit beyond secondary school should complete the Freshmen Application.

Prospective undergraduate engineering students may also send admission inquiries to: prospengr@umd.edu.

Application Deadlines

The priority application deadline for freshman for Fall is November 1. The complete application and all supporting application materials must be submitted by November 1 to meet the priority deadline.
For best consideration, we highly encourage students to submit their completed application to the Undergraduate Admissions Office by the priority deadline.

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Transfer Student Admission

All transfer students are required to complete the minimum admissions criteria for the University of Maryland and the Clark School of Engineering.

If you have questions about the transfer process, evaluation of credits, or admission criteria please email transfer_engr@umd.edu. If you have questions specific to the application or your admission status, please contact the Limited Enrollment Advisor/Representative of Undergraduate Admissions at lep@umed.edu.

Transfer students who wish to complete the aerospace major within 2 years once they are admitted to UMD must also transfer in all the following UMD course equivalents:

  • ENAE202*
  • ENAE283**
  • ENES100
  • ENES102
  • ENES220
  • ENES232
  • ENGL101
    (1) Humanities OR
    (1) Social Science
  • PHYS161
  • PHYS260 & 261
  • PHYS270 & 271
  • CHEM135
  • MATH140
  • MATH141
  • MATH241
  • MATH240 OR 461
  • MATH246

To view course equivalents at your institution, visit the Transfer Credit Center  or ARTSYS

*ENAE202 is offered at UMD during the summer sessions. In some instances, we may accept a combination of a programming class (C/C++) together with an Engineering Computation course (Matlab-based) from a community college as equivalent to ENAE202. Students should contact Ms. Aileen Hentz anhentz@umd.edu or Dr. Robert Sanner rmsanner@umd.edu for questions regarding course equivalency.

** ENAE283 is only available at the University of Maryland and is offered during the summer.

ENAE202 and ENAE283 must be completed before receiving permission to enroll in any junior-level aerospace courses. Prospective transfer students are strongly encouraged to complete these courses at UMD during the summer. If these courses are not completed prior to starting your Aerospace degree at UMD, students should expect to take at least 3 years to complete their degree.

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ENAE Summer Courses

Non-Aerospace majors requesting permission to enroll in a summer ENAE course should follow these instructions:

Prior to REGISTERING for summer term:
  • Complete online form requesting permission to take an ENAE course as a non major:
  • Once Ms. Aileen Hentz or Dr. Robert Sanner confirm that you meet the prerequisites for the requested ENAE course:
    • Current UMD students may then register for the course.
    • Non-UMD students should apply for summer term by following the instructions on the Office of Extended Studies website.
After being admitted to UMD summer term (non-UMD students only):

Questions about summer admission and payment should be directed to the Office of Extended Studies: summer@umd.edu.

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines for Internal Transfers: if you meet the minimum admission requirements for the Clark School of Engineering, the application is due by the 5th business day of the month as follows:

  • Spring semester admission: January
  • Fall semester admission: June

External transfers: if you meet the minimum admission requirements for the University and the Clark School of Engineering, you must complete the UMD transfer admission online application and meet UMD transfer application deadlines.

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International Student Admission

For international students, you will need to apply as an international freshman or transfer student. Your transcript(s) will be reviewed by the International Education Services Office and the University's Admissions Office to see if any technical courses you have taken will warrant direct admissions into the school of engineering.

Your proof of English proficiency and/or SAT or ACT scores will also be reviewed by these offices. It should be noted that ALL admissions decisions are performed by their offices and not the department. You can also speak with the international counselor in the International Education Services Office for any other questions on international student admissions, visa requirements, and application materials.

Relevant Resources for International Applicants

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