Meet Our JET Students

2016 JET Students

Emmanuel Coronado

Transferred from: Montgomery College

Interests/hobbies: I like aircraft design and reading books while listening to jazz & bossa nova music.

Describe your JET experience: I had a lot of fun while in the JET Program. I got a chance to see the campus and meet students and faculty conducting research. In addition, I learned that UMD and the Aerospace department has a lot of resources for me to help me be successful in academic years to come.

Kevin Hermandi

Transferred from: Montgomery College

Interests/hobbies: I like jet fighters. They are cool, extremely fast, sound fantastic, aerodynamic (I really mean "cool in shape"), and they can fight! 

Describe your JET experience: I really enjoyed being in the JET program. The great thing about JET is it puts you on a 2-year graduation plan. You have the chance to get to know people in the UMD Aerospace Engineering Department and get involved in a summer research project. What an experience!

Jonathan Van Eck

Transferred from: Howard Community College

Interests: I am an avid baseball and hockey fan following the Cubs and Blackhawks. Academically, I am extremely fascinated by space and expanding our understanding of how to travel to the various bodies it contains. 

Describe your JET experience:  Coming to a new institution, there are a number of moving parts—policies that I need to understand, resources of which I need to be aware and people I need to know.  The JET experience provided the necessary environment through which I could absorb those details and start those relationships. 

William Westhoff

Transferred from: Harford Community College