Center for Hypersonics and Research (CHR)

Center for Hypersonics and ReasearchAt the University of Maryland, Hypersonic flight is approached with a truly interdisciplinary view. The program provides an opportunity for students and faculty members from varying backgrounds and with different interests to interact and collaborate.

Both undergraduate and graduate-level courses are offered in hypersonic fluid dynamics, high temperature gas dynamics, and hypersonic engine design. Seminar speakers address a wide range of topics, which have ranged from national program overviews to the specifics of supersonic fuel injection. The program also links students who work on complementary analytical and computational projects, and, through interactions with government labs, experimental projects.

Research Areas

Hypersonics research at Maryland falls roughly into the areas of fundamental flow physics and applied hypersonic vehicle studies while targeting the following specific research areas:

  • Shock-shock interactions
  • Shock-vortex interactions
  • Sharp leading-edge physics
  • Shock physics
  • Hypersonic L/D and volumetrics
  • Hypersonic vehicle design with mission objectives
  • Fuel selection and hypersonic vehicle design
  • Inverse design of hypersonic inlets
  • Star bodies for minimum drag
  • Optimal hypersonic boost-glide trajectories
  • Reentry physics and high altitude flight
  • Spacecraft aeromaneuvering
  • Micro engines