Faculty Directory

Akin, David
Associate Professor, Director of Space Systems Laboratory
2100D Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility
301-405-1138 | dakin@ssl.umd.edu
Research Interests: Space systems, space robotics, space human factors, extravehicular activity(EVA)/space suit design
Baeder, James
3170 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-1107 | baeder@umd.edu
Research Interests: Research in computational aerodynamics and aeroacoustics with specific interest in coupling computational fluid dynamics to comprehensive rotor analysis.
Bauchau, Olivier A.
Igor Sikorsky Distinguished Professor in Rotorcraft
3182 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-0328 | obauchau@umd.edu
Research Interests: Multibody dynamics, rotorcraft aero-mechanical comprehensive modeling, structural dynamics, and composites materials and structures.
Bowden, Mary
Visiting Professor
3158B Glenn L. Martin
301-405-0011 | bowden@umd.edu
Research Interests: Space systems and operations, and structural dynamics.
Christopher Cadou
Professor, Keystone Professor
3176 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-0829 | cadou@umd.edu
Research Interests: Combustion (micro and conventional scales), laser diagnostics (conventional and micro), compact power systems, and fuel cells.
Celi, Roberto
3160 Glenn L. Martin
301-405-1132 | celi@eng.umd.edu
Research Interests: Flight dynamic simulation modeling, Inverse simulation and trajectory optimization and fundamental studies of flight in degraded visual environment (DVE)
Chopra, Inderjit
Alfred Gessow Professor, Distinguished University Professor, Director of Gessow Rotorcraft Center (AGRC)
3168 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-1122 | chopra@umd.edu
Research Interests: Helicopter dynamics and smart structures.
Datta, Anubhav
Associate Professor
3125 Glenn Martin Hall
(650) 678-8520 | datta@umd.edu
Research Interests: Computational aeromechanics, scalable 3D structures, high-speed tiltrotors, electric aviation
Flatau, Alison B.
Department Associate Chair, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
3188 Glenn L. Martin
301-405-1131 | aflatau@umd.edu
Research Interests: Active flow control, sensor and actuator design, magnetostrictive materials, material characterization, smart fabrics and textiles, vibrations and acoustics 
Hartzell, Christine M.
Assistant Professor
3178 Glenn L. Martin Hall, Building 088
301-405-4647 | hartzell@umd.edu
Research Interests: Planetary science, orbital mechanics, plasma physics, granular mechanics, spacecraft design
Anya R. Jones
Associate Professor
3154 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-7988 | arjones@umd.edu
Research Interests: Experimental fluid dynamics, unsteady low Reynolds number aerodynamics, and vortex dynamics
Kaplan, Marshall H.
Professor of Practice
3181 Martin Hall
202-258-6133 | mhkaplan@umd.edu
Research Interests: Professor of Practice focused on academic research project development and funding acquisition
Laurence, Stuart J.
Assistant Professor
3184 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-2422 | stuartl@umd.edu
Research Interests: High-speed aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics; high-temperature gas dynamics; supersonic combustion and propulsion; naturally-occurring hypersonic flows; meteoritics; experimental fluid dynamics; optical and visualization-based measurement techniques; laminar-turbulent transition in hypersonic boundary layers
Lee, Sung
Professor of Aerospace Engineering
3174 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-1128 | swlee@umd.edu
Research Interests: Structural mechanics, finite element analysis, and composite structures.
Martin, Pino
Associate Professor, CRoCCo Laboratory Director
3172 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-9366 | mpmartin@umd.edu
Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, numerical models/methods for turbulent flows: direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large eddy simulation (LES), Reynolds-averaged Navier Stokes calculations, compressible turbulence, shock waves and turbulence interaction, turbulence and finite-rate chemistry interaction, surface reactions and fluid interaction
Oran, Elaine S.
Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering
3232 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-7373 | eoran@umd.edu
Research Interests: Computational simulation of chemically reactive flows, deflagration-to-detonation transition in gases and supernovae; turbulence, high-performance computing and parallel architectures; shocks and shock interactions; rarefied gases; microfluidics, with applications to combustion, propulsion, astrophysical explosions and micro-sensor design
Michael Otte
Assistant Professor
3242 Jeong H Kim Building
301-405-2723 | otte@umd.edu
Research Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms for autonomous vehicles and robotic systems.
Derek Paley
Willis H. Young Jr. Professor of Aerospace Engineering Education, Director, Collective Dynamics and Control Laboratory
3150 Glenn L. Martin Halll
301-405-5757 | dpaley@umd.edu
Research Interests: Nonlinear dynamics and controls, cooperative control of autonomous vehicles, adaptive sampling with mobile networks, and spatial modeling of biological groups.
Darryll Pines
Dean, Clark School of Engineering, Professor of Aerospace Engineering
3110 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-0263 | pines@umd.edu
Research Interests: Research in smart structures, structural dynamics and control; guidance, navigation, and control of aerospace vehicles
Sanner, Robert M.
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
3186 Glenn L. Martin hall
301-405-1928 | rmsanner@umd.edu
Research Interests: Adaptive control methods, recursive identification methods, modeling and control of continuou-time, nonlinear dynamic systems, spacecraft trajectory planning
Sedwick, Ray
Associate Professor
3146 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-0111 | sedwick@umd.edu
Research Interests: Space power and propulsion technologies, applications of plasmas, orbital debris
Wereley, Norman M.
Department Chair , Minta Martin Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Fellow: AIAA, ASME, IOP, SPIE, AHS , Director, Composites Research Laboratory (CORE)
3179 J Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-1927 | wereley@umd.edu
Research Interests: Active, semi-active and passive vibration control, as well as adaptive crashworthiness systems, for helicopters and automobiles; magnetorheological energy absorbers and fluids; and smart pneumatic systems
Winkelmann, Allen
Associate Professor
0123 Engineering Lab Building
301-405-1152 | winkelmn@umd.edu
Research Interests: Research in low speed separated flows
Xu, Huan
Assistant Professor
301-405-1133 | mumu@umd.edu
Research Interests: Control and dynamical systems, formal methods with applications in autonomy, planning, and system identification. Specification, design, and synthesis of networked control systems
3152 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-1333 | yu@umd.edu
Research Interests: Active combustion control and supersonic mixing have made significant impact on developing enabling technologies for propulsion and power systems
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Wind Tunnel 2104
Ahuré Powell, Louise
Postdoctoral Research Associate
0101P Manufacturing Bldg
Assistant Research Scientist
Manufacturing Bldg., Room #1103
301-204-9419 | callejo@umd.edu
Castano, Lina
Postdoctoral Research Associate
3148 Kim Engineering Building
301-405-9569 | linacs@umd.edu
Choi, Young
Associate Research Scientist
Manufacturing, Room1113
301-405-1930 | nicechoi@umd.edu
Amardip Ghosh
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Manufacturing Bldg, Room #1131
301-405-7421 | amardip@umd.edu
Govindarajan, Bharath
Research Associate
1107 Manufacturing Building
240-893-2422 | bharath@umd.edu
Houim, Ryan
Research Assistant Professor
301-405-2376 | rhouim@umd.edu
Hrishikeshavan, Vikram
Assistant Research Scientist
0129 Engineering Lab Building
240-383-8379 | vikramh@umd.edu
Huahua, Xiao
Research Associate
2116 J.M. Patterson Building
240-893-2422 | hhxiao@umd.edu
Kaplan, Carolyn
Visiting Associate Professor
Kothera, Curt
Visiting Assistant Research Scientist
Manufacturing Building
Leiste, Ulrich
Faculty Research Engineer
301-405-5339 | uleiste@umd.edu
Na, Suok-Min
Associate Research Scientist
1149 Manufacturing Bldg.
301-405-0251 | nsmv2k@umd.edu
Padalka, Oksana
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Park, Jung Jin
Assistant Research Scientist
1139 Kim Building
301-405-7124 | pjj@umd.edu
Assistant Research Scientist
Sridharan, Ananth
Assistant Research Scientist
1107 Manufacturing Building
Yoo, Byungseok
Assistant Research Scientist
1132 Kim Bldg.
301-405-0793 | bsyoo@umd.edu
Zhang, Feitian
Research Associate
1117 Manufacturing Building
301-405-1931 | fzhang17@umd.edu
Zhu , Yuchuan
Visiting Research Associate
Manufacturing Building 1109
301-547-5069 | yczhu@umd.edu
Anderson, John Jr.
Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor Emeritus
3176 Martin Hall
301-405-1130 | janders3@umd.edu
Associate Professor Emeritus , Director of Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel
2102 Martin Wind Tunnel
240-464-3871 | barlow@umd.edu
Research Interests: Research in applied aerodynamics, experimental aerodynamics, flight mechanics and control, and the vehicle design process.
Professor Emeritus
1131 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-1129 | four@umd.edu
Research Interests: Research in Experimental Mechanics, Dynamic Fracture
Professor Emeritus, Director of Morpheus Laboratory, Director of Center for Adaptive Aerospace Vehicle Technology, NIA
757-325-6830 | jhubbar2@umd.edu
Research Interests: Adaptive Structures, Morphing aircraft, Structural Dynamics and Control, Distributed Parameter Systems, Flexible Mutli-Body Dynamics, Human-Robot Interaction, High Speed Obstacle Avoidance
Leishman, J. Gordon
Professor Emeritus
3179 Glenn L. Martin Hall
Research Interests: Research in experimental and theoretical applied aerodynamics, with a specialty in unsteady aerodynamics, helicopter aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing.
Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Hypersonic aerodynamics, advanced propulsion, and engine-airframe interaction.
Aerospace Engineering Program Lecturer
3179 Martin Hall
Course: ENAE380 Introduction of Embedded Flight Software Systems
301-448-5681 | bbarbee@umd.edu
Course: ENAE788N (Selected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Near-Earth Object Exploration), ENAE741 (Interplanetary Navigation and Guidance)
Bechara, Nizar
Course: ENAE488F/788F (Introduction to Aviation for Pilot Training)
Becnel, Andrew C.
1117 Manufacturing Building
Course: ENAE 423 - Vibration and Aeroelasticity, ENAE 483 - Principles of Space Systems Design
Carignan, Craig
301-405-1996 | craigc@ssl.umd.edu
Course: ENAE 692 (Introduction to Space Robotics)
Greg Gremillion
Course: ENAE 403 - Aircraft Flight Dynamics
Healy, Liam M.
202-404-8338 | class@healy.washington.dc.us
Course: ENAE 404 (Space Flight Dynamics), ENAE 441 (Space Navigation and Guidance)
Hrastar, John
301-946-3714 | jandfhrastar@verizon.net
Course: ENAE691 (Satellite Design)
410-458-1483 | david.j.israel@gmail.com
Course: ENAE 694 (Spacecraft Communication)
Aerospace Engineering Program Lecturer
Course: ENAE 602 (Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control)
Nagaraj, V.T
Senior Research Scientist
301-405-1143 | vnagaraj@umd.edu
no photo
240-228-0524 | ashish89@umd.edu
Course: ENAE 311 (Aerodynamics I)
Palumbo, Dominic
Aerospace Engineering Program Lecturer
410-666-8420 | dpalumbo@umd.edu
Course: ENAE 481 (Principles of Aircraft Design), ENAE 482 (Aeronautical Systems Design)
Silk, Eric
Aerospace Engineering Program Lecturer
Course: ENAE 696 (Spacecraft Thermal Design)
Schmitz, Fredric
Senior Research Professor
3160 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-0318 | fschmitz@umd.edu
Affiliate Associate Professor
3104A J.M. Patterson Building, College Park, MD 20742
301-405-6667 | mgollner@umd.edu