David G. Matuska

David G. MatuskaDavid G. Matuska is Manager of Engineering System Safety at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. In this role, Matuska provides Engineering leadership for all of Sikorsky’s efforts to develop and implement safety technologies and to improve operational flight and maintenance procedures to mitigate the risk of accidents for Sikorsky’s current and future helicopter fleet.

Mr. Matuska received his BSAE Engineering in 1981 and his MSAE in 1983, both from the University of Maryland. He is the very first graduate of the Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center. He joined Sikorsky Aircraft in 1983, and since has been actively involved in all aspects of rotorcraft research and development including rotor design, structural analysis, structural test, rotor test, composite material applications, dynamics, wind tunnel testing and flight simulation. Matuska is the inventor for eleven patents pertaining to rotorcraft technology with additional patents pending that are specifically focused on safety technologies. He has been a key technical contributor for numerous rotorcraft research programs to include the Integrated Technology Rotor, the Viscous Lead-Lag Damper Development, Rotor and Transmission Diagnostics, and the Variable-Diameter Tiltrotor.

In addition, as Program Manager, Mr. Matuska is responsible for the successful execution of multiple advanced technology research programs to include: NASA’s Rotorcraft Technology Development Program, DARPA’s Variable-Diameter Tiltrotor Program, the Army’s Variable Geometry Advanced Rotor Technology Program, and NASA’s Revolutionary Concepts Program. He also served as Sikorsky’s Manager of Technology Integration and Planning with responsibility for the company’s entire Internal Research and Development Portfolio. In 2005, Matuska accepted his current position as Manager of Engineering System Safety, where he enjoys the opportunity to apply both his technical expertise and his flying background toward a long time passion for safety.

Mr. Matuska has been a long time and active member of the American Helicopter Society, where he has authored numerous technical papers and served as an AHS Northeast Region officer, Lichten Competition Chairman, and AHS Forum Technical Chairman. Currently he is the Deputy Director of System Engineering on the AHS Technical Council where he manages the Health and Usage Monitoring Technical Committee and where he has recently established two new international technical committees in the areas of Systems Engineering and Safety. He also serves on the AHS Board of Directors as the Northeast Region Vice President responsible for one of the largest and most active AHS Chapters. Matuska is also a licensed helicopter and fixed wing pilot with over 34 years of flight experience.