Dr. Norris J. Krone

Dr. Norris J. KroneDr. Norris J. Krone, Jr. received a B.S. and Ph.D. in aeronautical engineering from the University of Maryland, and a Masters Degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology. He is a member of the Tau Beta Pi Honorary Engineering Fraternity. He served as a fighter pilot in the Air Defense Command of the Air Force and is a veteran of over 200 combat missions as a forward air controller during the war in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Bronze Star by the USAF. He has flown over twenty different aircraft including nearly all types. He served as a member of the NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Committee and Chairman of its Aeronautics Working Group; and as the Chairman of the Flight Research Subcommittee under the NASA Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology Advisory Committee. He is a past Chairman of the Aeronautics National Policy Group of the AIAA’s Public Policy Committee, and for several years had the responsibility for developing and presenting AIAA’s testimony to both the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

As a previous Director of the Air Vehicle Technology Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), he was directly responsible for major innovations of aeronautical and tactical technology. Dr. Krone personally developed and verified technical principles that made possible the forward swept wing aircraft concept, and then while at DARPA initiated and managed the X-29A flight demonstrator program. For these efforts, Aviation Week recognized him as a major contributor to the Aeronautical Sciences and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) honored him with its Aircraft Design Award for an original concept that led to a significant advancement in aircraft design and technology. Dr. Krone was also responsible for or contributed significantly to many other developments in aeronautics technology, including the X-Wing Aircraft, the Advanced Tactical Cruise Missile, the no-tail rotor helicopters, several unmanned air vehicles (UAV’s), and Reconnaissance Systems involving tactical aircraft and sensors.

Dr. Krone is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the University Research Foundation, which was founded in 1981 by the University of Maryland. A principal activity of the organization is the operation of three flight research aircraft including a Piper Aztec, a Cessna 402 and a Piper Turbo Arrow. More recently, Dr. Krone founded and leads the Maryland Small Aircraft Laboratory – an alliance of 22 organizations including the States of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey - sponsored by NASA.