Gary L. Curtin

Aerospace Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni

Gary L. CurtinB.S. '65
Inducted 1999

Gary L. Curtin is senior vice president with the Defense Group Inc. In 1998, Curtin retired with the rank of major general after 33 years of service with the U.S. Air Force. His military career included duties with intercontinental ballistic missile operations, command and control, military intelligence and political/military affairs. Curtin was assigned in 1989 as the senior U.S. military representative to the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) in Geneva, Switzerland, and was instrumental in negotiating the START I Treaty signed in 1991.

The general entered the Air Force in 1965 as a distinguished graduate of the University of Maryland Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program. He has served in a variety of ICBM operations, intelligence and politico-military affairs positions during his career. He flew 105 combat missions as an airborne targeting officer on the Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center during the Vietnam War. Later, he commanded the 90th Strategic Missile Wing which consisted of 200 Minuteman III ICBMs deployed in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. During his command, the wing began deploying the new Peacekeeper ICBM. He subsequently served as representative of the chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the delegation that successfully negotiated the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) Treaty with the former Soviet Union. Subsequently, he directed the Joint Staff's contribution to the negotiation of the START II Treaty, the Open Skies Treaty and the Chemical Weapons Convention. He also served as director of intelligence for U.S. Strategic Command.