Kevin G. Bowcutt

Aerospace Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni

Kevin G. BowcuttB.S. '82, M.S. '84, Ph.D. '86
Inducted 1999

Kevin G. Bowcutt is Senior Technical Fellow and Chief Scientist of Hypersonics with the Boeing Co., in Long Beach, Calif. Bowcutt has been with Boeing (formerly Rockwell International, North American Aircraft) since 1986 and was named a senior technical fellow by Boeing in 1998. Much of his professional career has involved research in and development of airbreathing hypersonic vehicles, including missiles, aircraft and space launch vehicles.

In 2015, Bowcutt was named to the National Academy of Engineering for development and demonstration of air-breathing hypersonic vehicles and the implementation of design optimization methods. In addition, he is an AIAA Fellow and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Notable accomplishments include developing the modern viscous optimized hypersonic waverider; serving in technical leader ship roles on the National Aero Space Plane program; leading a project to flight test scramjet engines by launching them from a light gas gun; originating the concept and optimizing the design of the USAF/DARPA X 51A scramjet powered waverider vehi cle; leading a team that designed an air breathing reusable launch vehicle concept; and working on the Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation simulating wing aero thermal structural failure.