2016 AEROS Scholars

2016 Recipients

Jean-Luis Betancourt
2016 Sikorsky AEROS Scholar

Jean-Luis Betancourt is a rising senior in the aerospace honors program. With the advisement of Dr. Chris Cadou, Jean-Luis’s research involves developing two thrust stands capable of measuring the transient thrust developed by pulse detonating engines and the steady state thrust from small gas turbine engines. He plans on going to graduate school and specializing in either [dynamics or control] or [propulsion/ aerodynamics]. 

Ehiremen Ebewele
2016 ASPIRE Scholar

Ehiremen Ebewele is a rising junior in the Aerospace Engineering Department and is also a  student in the Aerospace honors program. He is also a research assistant working under Dr.  Alison Flatau in the aerospace department on measurements of facial features of patient  scans on Measured Changes in Limbal Strain During Simulated Sleep in Face Down Position  using an Instrumented Contact Lens in Healthy Adults and Adults With Glaucoma. Last  summer, Ehiremen was awarded with the Summer 2015 aspire scholarship, where he  worked under Dr. James Baeder with a team of students on the building and testing of a  horizontal axis wind turbine. This summer Ehiremen was again awarded with the Aspire  summer 2016 scholarship where he will working with Dr. Vikram on the Aerodynamic  performance of quadrotor MAV in forward flight.

Eric Frizzell
2016 Department AEROS Scholar

Eric Frizzell is a Junior Aerospace Engineering Honors Student and currently serves as Secretary on the board of UMD's Sigma Gamma Tau National Aerospace Engineering Society. He is especially interested in harvesting space resources to supplement growing global energy needs. He will spend this summer conducting research with Dr. Sedwick under the Center for Orbital Debris Research and Education. His focus will be utilizing GPUs to speed conjunction assessment. Before pursuing his engineering degree, Eric earned his B.S in Economics from the University of Michigan.

Phil Kirk
2016 Sikorsky AEROS Scholar

Phil Kirk is a rising senior in Aerospace Engineering Honors, a Banneker/Key scholar, and a member of the RISE Leadership Academy. Phil has years of exposure to aerospace research, working as a lab assistant in the Space Systems Lab and the Autonomous Vehicle Lab. This summer, Phil will be starting his own research project with Dr. Anya Jones, studying the aerodynamics of flow reattachment on helicopter rotors to improve helicopter performance at high forward speeds. In the future, Phil hopes to pursue graduate studies at UMD.

Brian (Jung) Lee
2016 ASPIRE Scholar

Brian (Jung) Lee is a rising senior in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. As a part of the Aerospace Engineering Honors program at the University of Maryland he is pursuing research with the Institute for Systems Research in mission planning for multi-UAV systems. His field of interest lies in the implementation of machine learning for autonomous mission planning, and this summer he is implementing computer vision for obstacle detection and environment mapping for planar navigation with the Institute for Systems Research.


Spencer Levin
2016 ASPIRE Scholar

Spencer Levin is a rising senior Aerospace Engineering student. He earned his College Park Scholars citation from the Science, Discovery, and the Universe program. He previously volunteered in the Space Power and Propulsion Lab. He is currently researching the development of a voice control system for robotic manipulators in Dr. Akin’s Space Systems Lab.

Jacob McCullum
2016 ASPIRE Scholar

Jacob McCullum is a rising junior Aerospace Engineering Honors and University Honors student. He is also a member of the AIAA, and he is an assistant for the Design Build and Fly team. Jacob has aspirations to work in the defense industry, and he plans on pursuing a private pilot’s license in his spare time. Jacob will be conducting structural health monitoring research under Dr. Norman Wereley starting this summer by designing and fabricating a setup which will support an F-18 wing for future SHM tests. The overall goals of the research are improved safety and maintenance practices in the aerospace industry through more reliable data collection of an aircraft's structural condition.

Kate Melone
2016 Anderson AEROS Scholar

Kate Melone is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering with a passion for manned space exploration. She currently works on campus in the Space Systems Lab, was treasurer of WIAA (fall 2015-spring 2016), and is a Clark School Ambassador. She has worked at NASA Johnson Space Center for the past two summers, and will be returning this fall 2016 for a NASA Pathways Co-Op. Kate hopes to work full time at NASA JSC, and become an astronaut. In her free time, Kate enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing strategy games, playing/watching sports, listening to music, go-karting, and watching Leave It to Beaver.

Patrick Washington
2016 Gessow AEROS Scholar

Patrick Washington is a junior Aerospace Engineering Honors and University Honors student. He is a member of the Club Baseball team and is looking forward to joining Design Build Fly in the fall. Patrick has been working in the Collective Dynamics and Control Laboratory since freshman year, most recently on a soft robotic fish. This summer, he will be working on his Aerospace Honors project under Dr. Wereley and Dr. Paley to develop Hydraulic Artificial Muscles.

Benjamin Williams
2016 ASPIRE Scholar

Benjamin Williams is a rising junior Aerospace Engineering Honors and University Honors student. He is the President of the Terrapin Rocket club and recently led the team to its first competition victory. He is currently developing an unconventional micro air vehicle (MAV) called the All-Terrain Cyclocopter at the MAV Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Inderjit Chopra and Elena Shrestha. This summer, he will be continuing this research and plans to publish a technical paper for the AIAA SciTech Conference. For the 2016-2017 school year, he will interning as a Production Engineer working on Falcon 9 Manufacturing at SpaceX in Hawthorne, CA.