Aerospace Board of Visitors

In 1995, the department established an advisory board to guide and support the graduate and undergraduate programs.

The board, comprised of leading experts in the field of aerospace engineering, meets once each semester.

Current Board Members

Dr. Supriya Banerjee

Dr. Supriya Banerjee
Chief Scientist
Corporate Vice President
Adv. Tech. Gr, SAIC (prev)
Director, FAMES

Dr. Peter Chen Dr. Peter Chen
(B.S. '90, M.S. '92, Ph.D. '96)
Senior Director
Advanced Technology
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Dr. Ravinder Chona Dr. Ravinder Chona
(B.S. '84, M.S. '85, Ph.D. '87)
Senior Scientist for Structural Integrity Aerospace Systems Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Steven Donaldson Mr. Steven Donaldson
(B.S. '87)
Department of the Navy
Doug Dwoyer Dr. Douglas Dwoyer
NASA, Retired
John Langford

Mr. Peter Howorth
Director Aerospace & Defense Mechanical Technology
LORD Corporation

Mr. Dan Newman Mr. Dan Newman
(M.S. '89)
Senior Technical Fellow / Chief Engineer Advanced VTOL at Boeing
Mr. Thomas Ng Mr. Thomas Ng
(B.S. '84)
Director Commercial Engine Product Integration
GE Aviation
John Langford Dr. John Langford
Chairman & CEO
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Dr. Michael Ryschkewitsch Dr. Michael Ryschkewitsch
Space Systems
John Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory
Mary Snitch Mrs. Mary Snitch
Lockheed Martin
Corporate Engineering
Technology and Operations
Dr. Allan Sherman

Dr. Allan Sherman
(Ph.D. '69)
Aerospace Engineering Consultant
Allan Sherman, LLC

Catherine J. Steele Ms. Catherine J. Steele 
Senior Vice President 
National Systems Group
Aerospace Corporation
Chris Van Buiten Mr. Chris Van Buiten
(B.S. '89)
Vice President, Technology
and Innovation
Research & Engineering,
Mr. Kerry Wisnosky Mr. Kerry Wisnosky
(B.S. '86)
Founder and Board Member
Millennium Engineering
and Integration Company

Current Board of Visitors Bios

Past Board Members

Mr. John J. Buckley, Jr.
(B.S. '83)
Vice President
Engineering & Manufacturing
Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems