Sigma Gamma Tau Constitution and Chapter By-Laws

National Constitution:
To download the latest version of the National Constitution, click here.

University of Maryland at College Park By-Laws:
Below is the latest version of the By-Laws for the Sigma Gamma Tau chapter located at the University of Maryland at College Park. To download the latest version of the Chapter By-Laws, click here.

ΣΓT University of Maryland

Chapter By-Laws

Article I:  Aims and Activities

As stated in the national constitution, The Sigma Gamma Tau Honor Society (herein referred to as SGT) is established to recognize and honor those individuals in the field of aeronautics and astronautics who have through scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievement been a credit to their profession. SGT seeks to foster a high standard of ethics and professional practices and to create a spirit of loyalty and fellowship, particularly among students of Aerospace Engineering.

This chapter aims to carry out these goals within the University of Maryland, College Park. The chapter shall hold weekly tutoring office hours for aerospace and related math, science, and engineering topics not covered by the Keystone Center. During these office hours, at least one officer of SGT must be present. In addition, the chapter shall host a service activity at least once a semester.

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Article II:  Chapter Government

A. Election of Officers

Declaration of Candidacy:

If a member wishes to run for an officer position, they shall notify the Chapter President (hereafter referred to as President) via email more than one week prior to the election of their desire to run.

Each officer can only hold a single office at any given time.  All offices, except that of advisor, shall be held by currently enrolled students.  If a current officer is elected to a different office, they must immediately resign from their current office to assume the new position.

Procedure of Elections:

Regular elections shall occur at the beginning of May of each academic year, at the final general body meeting.  Election shall be by popular vote, conducted using a secret ballot. In the event of a tie, a second vote shall be taken between the top two candidates.  If a tie persists, the executive officers shall vote by secret ballot.  If the position in question is an executive position, the current officer in question shall not participate in this executive tiebreak vote. Elections shall be conducted in the order that follows, from highest office to lowest office:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Service Officer
  6. Initiation Officer
  7. Public Affairs Officer


In the event of a vacant office, the president shall appoint that officer with the advice and consent of the current officers (as demonstrated by a one-half vote of all current officers) to serve until the next chapter election.

B. Faculty Advisor

The faculty advisor shall provide guidance to the organization, and provide suggestions that are deemed helpful to running the organization. The advisor shall also serve as a liaison between the chapter and the national officers and other people when the advisor’s position within the department would extend the capabilities of the chapter.

C. Duty of Officers

In addition to those covered in the executive council instructions, chapter officers have the following duties:


  • Conduct and oversee the general operation of the entire Chapter.
  • Periodically request updates on the activities of the other officers.
  • Present ideas for Chapter projects, as well as programs for special events sponsored by the Chapters or by other external organizations.
  • Periodically submit reports to the officers and members on initiatives and activities.
  • Ensure the compliance of the Chapter with the national constitution.
  • Familiarize themselves with the duties of the other officers and the means for carrying these out, as well as the duties of appointed committees and individuals.

Vice President:

  • Write, and keep up to date, the journal of the Chapter including all important happenings.
  • Forward the journal to the National Secretary-Treasurer periodically throughout the year.
  • Write and distribute an annual newsletter to keep alumni and other stakeholders informed to the national headquarters and other interested chapters.
  • Direct Chapter marketing and supervise the work of the Public Affairs Officer.
  • Perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence.  


  • Prepare all filings and records, as well as general correspondence for the chapter.
  • Update the roll, take attendance at the meetings, and maintain a record of positions held, including committee positions.
  • Keep a record of difficulties and complaints regarding chapter operations.


  • Keep accounts of the chapter’s finances including the collection of initiation dues and coordinating with the aerospace department’s director of administration.
  • Coordinate the transfer of initiation dues and of SGT merchandise with the national secretary-treasurer.

Service Officer:

  • Oversee the service activities of the organization including the general management of activities such as tutoring hours, chapter-sponsored academic review sessions, and other related activities.
  • Generate new service opportunities.

Initiation Officer:

  • Create a plan for the initiation of new members for each semester.
  • Submit the plan to the chapter president by the end of the third week of that semester.
  • Oversee the initiation process.
  • Maintain a database of the progress of the electees.

Public Affairs Officer:

  • Handle the day-to-day public affairs of the organization, including managing correspondences.
  • Facilitate the distribution of announcements about chapter events, both public and private, including maintaining the chapter website.
  • Oversee any additional public affairs matters, as indicated by the vice president.

D. Amendment Policy

Amendments can be proposed by any member. For an amendment to pass, it must have a two-thirds majority vote of the current members. The amendment must be proposed at least three days before the general body meeting, when it will be voted on.

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Article III: Meetings and Order of Business

A. Scheduling of Meetings

General Body Meetings will be held at least once a month at a time decided by a majority vote of the officers upon conferring with the members. The Chapter Advisor, an officer, or a group of five members may arrange additional meetings with the approval of majority of the officers. Officer meetings will be held once a week at a time most convenient for the majority of the officers.

B. Order of Business
The order of business shall be determined by Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised.

C. Announcement of Meetings
All meetings shall be announce by e-mail and posted on the SGT bulletin board in the aerospace lounge.

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Article IV: Chapter Finances

A. Store of Funds
Primary funds for the chapter shall be kept with the Sigma Gamma Tau University of Maryland Chapter bank account held with Capital One Bank. Funds raised through the university Pepsi machine program are collected and stored with the aerospace department, and may be drawn with written notice to the aerospace department’s director of administration. A small amount of funds may be kept in cash in the chapter cash box to make change for large bills from funds such as initiation dues and fundraisers.

B. Method of Accounts
An account of all chapter transactions must be kept by the treasurer and a record of accounts must be kept in the chapter filing cabinet. Accounts may be managed electronically in a spreadsheet or document, under the condition that a printed copy is kept in the filing cabinet. Each transaction should be documented with a timestamp, amount of money, and person/organization associated with the transaction. Additional notes about the transaction that are helpful, but brief, may also be included in the documentation. Accounts shall follow the standard sign convention that money received by the chapter has a positive (+) value and money dispensed by the chapter has a negative (-) value.

C. Acceptable Use of Funds
Chapter funds are available to pay the national chapter for the initiation of new members and for local chapter events.  As per University policy, chapter funds may not be used for the purchase of alcohol. Funds cannot be used in open market operations and it is forbidden to use chapter funds for the personal benefit of any person or company.

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Article V: Committees

The duties of committees are fulfilled by officers as the membership is not yet large enough to sustain subdivisions.

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Article VI: Eligibility Standard for Election to Membership

Students must be in the upper one-third of their senior, upper one-fourth of their junior, or upper one-fifth of their sophomore aerospace engineering class, to be eligible for initiation.

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Article VII: Procedure for Nomination and Election of Members

Officers send an email to all aerospace engineering students who meet the eligibility requirements listed in Article VI, inviting them to a first look meeting.  Here the electees are notified about the initiation requirements, which are outlined in the initiation requirements document maintained by the initiation officer.

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Article VIII: Requirements for Maintaining Membership

The following requirements must be upheld for current student members to remain active in the organization.

Members must remain in good academic standing.  Being found responsible for violations of the Code of Academic Integrity are considered grounds for dismissal from SGT.

Members must participate in one service event and one chapter event per semester.  Failing to complete this requirement will result in a member being placed on inactive status.

If a member fails to meet the requirements, a vote of officers will be conducted.  Three-fourths support vote in the affirmative will be required to consider a member dismissal.  Consideration for dismissal will consist of a secret ballot of at least three fourths of the student body.  A vote of three fourths majority will be required for dismissal.

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Article IX: University of Maryland Inclusion Provisions

Sigma Gamma Tau, University of Maryland Chapter does not restrict membership or discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. (For definitions of “personal appearance” and “sexual orientation,” see the University’s Code of Human Relations (“Code”))

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Article X: Amendments

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